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Everyday from the moment we wake up, we consume energy in everything we do. It can be the work we do or even the interaction with others. Some time in the day we feel low in energy or even tired as a result of consuming too much energy.  Wouldn't it be great if we can spend a few minutes to recharge ourselves so that we can maintain high level of energy and focus the whole day?


This audio track helps the listeners to go within to find the calmness and through guided breathing techniques and visualization recharge their energy quicky and rejuvenate. Right breathing techniques and visulization have been proven to bring balance to a person's energy and coherence that is beneficial to health and general well being.


This audio track is created with the soothing voice of Nick Ong, master hypnotherapist, and the awesome piece of original background music to bring an enjoyable experience using this audio track.


Allow yourself to recharge with this audio track now!

Recharging Mid Day Meditation

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    10 min 8 sec

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